1.- TO HAVE PRESENCE ON THE INTERNET Today, the best showcase for your miami business is the internet. It is estimated that by the end of the year the number of internet users worldwide will amount to 3,000 million. The market is increasingly globalized and competition is stronger. Surely, that competition already has its professional website. Your corporate image and your miami web design are the visible face of your brand. That is why they have to be current and powerful. 2.- TO OFFER 24H CUSTOMER SERVICE AND GENERATE FEEDBACK Having a website in miami gives you the opportunity to be in constant contact with your customers, who can consult you at any time or see your products and / or services at any time. That gives them confidence and security. With a good communication strategy on our page, we will favor feedback with the client, who can leave us his opinion, his doubts, his praises and complaints. It is important to respect all opinions and respond in all cases. That will give us a good image when new customers access our site. 3.- TO BE FOUND Currently, the highest percentage of professional search is done on the internet. When people perform these searches on the network it is important that they find us in the top positions, so the importance of a good SEO positioning and keywords previously studied. Differentiate yourself within your sector with a simple, fresh and new page. Give credibility and add value with content always updated and of interest to your customers. That will boost search engines so they can find you more easily. 4.-TO GET NEW CUSTOMERS AND LOYAL THOSE WHO ALREADY HAVE If we do a good job with the web, and apply some simple online marketing techniques, we will see how new customers begin to contact us. We can go to specific market niches or age ranges, to obtain greater effectiveness. If we are competitive in our image and services, those visits will become customers. We can also use these techniques to build loyalty to our regular customers, offering them specific advantages thinking about their needs, and entertaining them with content of interest.

5.- TO GET PUBLICITY IN MIAMI WITH THE HIGHEST REACH AT THE LOWEST COST A website design in Miami is a way to advertise daily with minimal maintenance. A permanent ad that can tell different things as we adapt to the changing needs of our public and that has a worldwide reach with a really low cost. In Eskimo Designs we offer different packages adapted to your needs, payment facilities, etc ... Everything that is necessary so that, despite the crisis, you can compete and move on.

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