5 Things E-Commerce Apps Should Have - App Developers

If you want your E-commerce App to satisfy your clients you must keep something in mind. Remember your focus is your customer and you should do everything to make the shopping experience as easy as possible. Make sure your team of app developers understand your company and your audience.

1.Customer service availability in the App You should be able to solve your clients needs or concerns as soon as possible. As your developer helps you design your app you must imagine all the possible scenarios your customers may face and you should try to solve them before making available the app. However there are a numerous scenarios that you may not imagine when designing the app. Therefore you must create a section on your app to allow the customer to easily communicate with your customer service. The highly suggested one to filter easy to answer situations would be a chatbot. However some customers find chatbots frustrating and you should be able to give them access to chat with a customer representative or give them a call before they leave your app. Make sure your app developer understands the importance of customer experience, so that you can work as a team to provide your audience with the best experience. If you are unable to provide customer service 24/7 remember to link your chatbot at unavailable hours to a contact us form so that your team can get in contact first thing in the morning.

2.Product availability in the App Remember your customer expect from your app the same experience they have in the industry in brick an mortar store or websites. There are simple things such as product availability issues that can annoy a customer. You would not expect to get to a store pick up a shirt take it to the counter ready to pay and then for the lady at the cashier to take it from you and say there is no stock available. The same thing happens on your app. You can not allow your customer to create their expectatives that they will be able to purchase a product they already placed in the cart so that when they are ready to pay you tell them the product is not available.

This situations are part of the user experience. You must make sure you create internal rules with your developers to recreate the experience a customer has in real life with your app. This situations must be brought to attention by the customer and depending on the experiences of the app developer they may advise you of things that in their experience think would suit your company.

Make sure you choose an app developer that will be an asset in your team rather than just someone that creates a tool for your business. 3. As much Information about the product as possible It is not a secret that customers have a barrier when buying products online that they have never seen before or heard about. This is normal and will not prevent all your customers to buy from you. But you want to be able to solve any concerns your customers may have, to decrease the barrier.

It is important that you add as many photos, videos and text describing your products as much as possible. Remember some clients may want to see dimensions and weight, some may want to see all angles of the products and another may want to see material. All of these characteristics are easy to see when you have the physical product. When you don't, is important to solve all the possible questions of your customer before he leaves the App. Speak with your developer for tips and to address all your concerns. 4. Easy ways to pay through the App It is important that you facilitate the checkout of your customer. Make sure you have enough portals to check out, such as paypla, apple pay and the classic credit and debit card. Remember the least steps your customer has to take in order to make a purchase the higher the percentage that will convert. So keep in mind that your app must be easy to use. 5. Optimization for Voice Search in the App As we mentioned on our previous post about voice search, it is important that you and your products can be found by a voice search. It is estimated by that next year half of the searches will be done by voice search, so start optimizing for voice search. Speak with your app developer to see how you can implement this feature in your app.

If you are looking for an app developer company do note hesitate to contact us.

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