How do I Choose a Good Miami Web Designer?

The million dollar question. Here I can only give you some TIPS. In the end, a miami web design is a product that you will not see or “experience” until it is finished. Many times it is best to get carried away by intuition, once you have spoken personally with the miami web designer. Here you have some TIPS to be able to choose your web designer a little better.

TIP 1. INVESTIGATE DESIGNS If a miami web designer does not have some examples of his work exposed, if you do not find it on his own website, contact him and ask him. If you have them published, then check them out live and take a look around them. It will give you an idea of ​​his style, like little. If you don't like their style, there wouldn't be much reason to contact them.

In addition, and as long as you like their style, I would talk to the owners of those web sites and ask them how they did.

TRACK 2. CONTROL OF THE DOMAIN AND HOSTING When you talk to the miami company or miami web designer, you should avoid that they are the "owners", not even the providers, of your domain and hosting. If this is one of your requirements (which I would insist on not) and still want to start this professional relationship with them, make sure that the budget breaks down the annual cost of both things, domain and Hosting. Between them, it should never exceed $ 120-250 per year.

TIP 3. I WANT ACCESS TO THE PASSWORDS OF MY WEB SINCE THE BEGINNING Almost whenever the miami company or miami web designer is in charge of acquiring the domain and hosting for you, in passing they keep all the access codes. I think this comes from professional deformation, not from deliberate bad practices. When WordPress did not exist and a professional web design was commissioned, the client never needed or wanted to enter their website at all, so it was a bit absurd for the website design company to say: “Look, these are your keys of access ”. There was no reason for it. Today it is different, since a high percentage of websites can be managed by their owners. They do not need an administrator or miami web designer for every minimum detail, as was the case before. However, in most cases, this detail is often forgotten and then the cries come, when we want to end our business relationship with that company. Many refuse to hand over the passwords and use it to prevent you from "leaving." Thus, it is impossible to transfer our site, service, maintenance costs, etc. To any other website company. They have tied hands and feet. So, always require the passwords to your website, but, above all, stay aware that they are not changed arbitrarily. Do monthly checks. To find a good web designer, find out as much as you can about the essentials and then ask good questions, in addition to asking for different quotes. Trust your intuition. If you don't see it clearly, move on to another designer.

TIP 4. WILL YOU MAKE ME A SECURE WEBSITE, HTTPS? If you detect a minimum doubt in the answer, you also doubt. All websites today should be designed with SSL certificate and in the https protocol. TRACK 5. HOW DO YOU OPTIMIZE SEO FOR MY WEB? Throughout the post I have given you not lot of information on the subject of organic positioning. The answer that the miami web designer gives you will be important when judging whether you think you will do an efficient SEO job or not.

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