Landing Page or a Website?

There are different types of web (website, landing page, microsite, online store, blog, etc.).

In this post we will explain the differences between landing page and website and which one do you need for your Miami Business.

What is a website and what is it for?

In most cases the first thing we need is an institutional website that has all the information about our company or service (general information, services we offer, product catalog, customer testimonials, news, contact modes) in synthesis that fulfills the function of "our online company".

The website acts as a company on the internet, where we transmit the business message that we want the audience to receive. Website example: Eskimo Designs Website in Miami See example of online website:

What is a landing page and what is it for?

A landing page or landing page has as its main objective to get the visitor to perform a concrete action (buy a product, leave your data, consult us, etc.). It is the perfect link for ads on Google, Facebook or email marketing, for example a landing page can be used as the final destination of an ad on Google.

Suppose we have a client that is clothing store in Miami and they want to sell Skinny jeans, we create an ad on google, on facebook or an email marketing campaign offering these new skinny jeans to customers in Miami... In our Miami landing page we will have an exclusive design showing photos and benefits of those Skinny jeans. The landing page will be the destination after the customer clicks on the ad.

Why not use the company's website as a destination? Although the website of the company can be used as the final destination, it is not the most recommended since we will be showing the user “many things to do” a website has many sections (information, links, photo galleries of different products, etc.) therefore we would be losing the main objective that is to achieve a particular action.

With a landing page we have many more possibilities to achieve the objective since they are specifically designed to achieve an action as in the example mentioned “selling jeans from my clothing store”. Example of our landing page (just designed to offer landing page design)

In Eskimo Designs we are a froup of miami website designers, ready to help you and guide you on all your website or landing page needs. If you have any questions please feel free to comment on the post or contact us, we are always happy to hear from you.

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