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How to optimize voice searches on Google If you have not already done so, ask your website design agency to turn your website to HTTPS More than 70% of voice results come from URLs with encrypted browsing on HTTPS. Your website should already be at that point but if not, installing an SSL certificate and moving to secure browsing is practically a must. Try to appear as Featured Snippet As we have said, Google has a tendency to pick up the URL’s in ‘zero position’. We are talking about more than 40% of voice results that are taken from featured snippets. So do your best to appear up there and you will have a lot of cattle. How to get it? Well, there is no magic recipe, but there are certain patterns that usually coincide and it would be nice to try to comply: Answer specific questions:

Analyze what people ask with tools like Answer The Public or similar, put them as H2 and answer them below.

Respond clearly and briefly:

Already commented, Google wants direct answers to the point, so that is what we have to give. No unnecessary detours.

Take great care of your SEO on-page:

Virtually 100% of Featured Snippets come from pages positioned on the first page, and to be there we have to be well pampered everything that encompasses SEO onpage, including original content and attractive to the user. If you need help with your SEO you can contact webside designers near you eskimo designs.

Boost the local SEO of your business Once we know that triple local searches are done through voice assistants that from browsers, promoting local SEO is clear.

Almost 40% of voice searches are local so it will be a good idea to make it clear on our website where we are, as well as our NAP: Name, address and telephone. You will also have to optimize everything you can (or create) your business listing in Google My Business. And appear in several directories if it makes sense: Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor, ElTenedor, QDQ ... this will help to have links while reinforcing what we do and where we are. This point is especially important in searches of the website designers ‘near me’ style, since Google usually pulls a lot of Google My Business listings, so we want to be there.

Local seo listing These businesses have all the numbers to be cited by Google Home when someone wants a website designer in Miami. Try to focus part of your onpage strategy to also reinforce your location. Things like ‘Where to find the 'best web desginers in Miami' or ‘ Miami web design agency’. Classics that continue to function in this regard.

Improve the loading speed of your website Since much of the results come from pages that load quickly, we will have to try to optimize as much as we can the WPO of our page. Voice results prefer to take information from websites that load really fast, above average.

Features and highlights of voice searches

  • The speed of loading the page is very important when positioning by voice. On average, the page that best positions for a result of this type of search loads in less than 5 seconds.

  • More than 70% of voice search results were from web pages on HTTPS. It seems therefore a point to take into account.

  • Google prefers to give the user clear and concise answers when it comes to voice searches. The average is around 30 words, more or less. With what nothing of great paragraphs if we want to have more possibilities of being chosen.

  • Domains with great authority tend to appear much more in voice results than less powerful websites. In fact, the average domain authority according to Ahrefs is 75 .

  • The movement that has had a page on social networks can also play in their favor. The average engagement of a result for voice assistant is 1200 shared on Facebook and 45 tweets.

  • Simple and easy-to-read texts usually appear more frequently. No phrases convoluted with grandiloquent words if we want Google to choose us.

  • If your page positions well on Google, you already have enough to earn. Approximately 75% of voice search results come out of URL’s in the TOP 3 for that search.

  • Appearing as an outstanding result is also a good addition. More than 40% of the results come out of URL’s with Featured Snippet.

So, since it is something that is going to go further, it does not hurt to start applying all the points that we can on our websites to be in pole position when Google responds to a voice search .

If you are looking for website designers 'near me' do note hesitate to contact us.

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