Tips to Develop a Mobile App in Miami

The world is constantly evolving, people in Miami are spending more time on their smartphones and mobile devices. Being where your customers are can give you an immense edge over the competition. Whether you are a Miami startup or a Miami established business, having a mobile app can increase your visibility and put you in front of the competition.

If you're looking at building an app for your business, you can hire a Miami developer agency.

To start your project, you need to be sure of what you want to accomplish with the app and how it will drive your Miami business forward. An experience Miami app developer will ask you there basic things in order to properly provide you with a quote. Make sure you have the following items clear when you decide to create a mobile app.

Competitors Research

You need to define who are your competitors. Which companies out there have similar apps or features and what do you want to improve from each of them. Your competitors will lay out the path for you to differentiate and take advantage of the market they have already opened.


Although you may be reluctant of disclosing your budget is important for you to be upfront and transparent about your budget. You must know in order to create a functional and great app prices start from $30,000. By being honest with your Miami developer, we will be able to suggest recommendations that better suits you. Apps are like houses you must know a budget to define what type of house you can get. And definitely the quality of work depends on the developer, not all Miami app developers have the same pricing. But you can now have an estimate of what a basic app with good quality will cost.

Know your Potential Clients

Your application should be built for your target market. Yes anyone can download an app so maybe your audience is everyone? No. Always compare your app to a website, not because everyone can access a website it means that the target market of every business that has a website is anyone who has a computer. You have to think about what your potential clients like and dislike, what they are used to and if there is any features you know they would want. Remember anyone can download your app but ultimately you want active customers not only downloads so optimize for your potential customers.


As a Miami developer company we always advice you develop for iOs and Android natively. If you do not have enough budget right now for both we suggest you develop the app on the platform that reaches the largest amount of your customers. There are some Miami developers that would recommend crossplatform. In the long run as you grow you will need an app for android and an app for iOs. And you will have to invest more money on developing again each app on their native platforms. We suggest you start building an app that will last for years and not months .

Difference Between Native and CrossPlatform

Native applications: are smartphone applications built specifically for an operating system using a programming language (Java for Android and Objective C for iOS).

CrossPlatform Applications: Are web-based apps (developed using Javascript, HTML & CSS) that are subsequently configured to work on smartphone platforms. Hybrid apps are less expensive but require modifications and testing to run bug-free.

Native apps have the advantage of running smoothly once they are built, but are more expensive than CrossPlatform.

After considering all the benefits of having a mobile app developed by a top miami developer, you only need to write us to start the project together or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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