Website Design For Mobile, The Most Important Design Nowadays

Going back in time, the first mobile phones allowed to receive calls and text messages. It can be said that its functionality was basic, however, today, mobile devices have various features that allow you to enter a website. Inside the mobile website you can see all the content of the page, as well as make purchases, hotel reservations, download applications, etc. And both websites and online stores must adapt to mobile devices. How? Well, through a mobile web design or also calling responsive web design.

Do you want to know more about it? Continue and discover the impact and importance of responsive mobile web design.


The use of mobile devices increases, and with it the need to adapt to the behavior of users, that is why websites with responsive mobile design are more needed than ever, in other words websites that adapt perfectly to any type of device and screen size. The display must be perfect regardless of the device where it is seen.

The impact it has on users is so much that if it is not possible to visualize well a website on a smartphone or tablet, the user can leave the website and not come back. Google could penalize the website with lower rankings and in addition, the costs for a company can be higher as having the website is defeating its purpose.


Mainly, the importance of a responsive web design lies in the following points:


This is an important factor in websites that seek to position themselves in the first places of Google and other search engines. If the requirements requested by the search engine in terms of web design are not met, then the site ranking can be penalized, and being the first on google will be a difficult task to accomplish.

Having a responsive mobile web design helps to obtain better positions in Google since in 2015 it was announced to be an important factor to determine SEO ranking. If you need more assistance with SEO do not hesitate to contact us.

And you can read this guide for SEO Best practices.

User experience

To prevent users from leaving the page or finding themselves uncomfortable moving text from one mobile device to the other, mobile web development must comply with the characteristic of a mobile web design that allows users to have a comfortable, easy and safe navigation.

Usability and ease of navigation are both part of a responsive mobile web design that makes users have a good experience and make them want to return. In other words website design for mobile translates into loyalty and generates long-term value for the brand.

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Company Image

The website is a letter of introduction of the company and is the image of the company on the web. Having a bad design or providing a bad experience, makes the company loose points with the users in terms of positioning. So having a design that suits any mobile device, will help create a professional look in front of the public.

Responsive web design is necessary in a world where mobile devices are increasingly integrated into people's lives and therefore it is necessary for companies to develop websites based on this type of technology that seeks to meet and exceed expectations of the users.

If you need help improving your mobile website design or you want some consulting on your current website design do not hesitate to contact the best web designers in Miami.

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