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So, Do I Need a Website?

If the importance and size of the Internet hasn’t persuaded you that, in Ft. Lauderdale you need a website, here are the main reasons why you really do need one whether you are Ft. Lauderdale self-employed, a Ft. Lauderdale small business, or a Ft. Lauderdale large business:


The instant you get a website you will get a boost in credibility. A website says to Ft. Lauderdale people that you do exist, that you or your Ft. Lauderdale business are legitimate, that you know what you’re doing. Professional websites inspire confidence in people and that means that they’re more likely to buy from you, use your services, or hire you. Most people recognize the feeling of apprehension when they cannot find a website for a Ft. Lauderdale business or they find a really poorly made one. In the 21st Century, websites suggest legitimacy and so, making that step will gain you the credibility you need to be a success.

Always Accessible

While most Ft. Lauderdale business work between the hours of 9am and 5pm, the Internet is always there. It never sleeps or stops and so is available 24/7, seven days a week. No matter when or where your potential Ft. Lauderdale customers or clients want to find out about you or use your services, they can. People are increasingly preferring to do things in their own time at their own pace, catering to that through an always accessible website is only going to make them more likely to use your services.

Contact with Customers & Customer Service

Sometimes the most difficult thing to achieve in business is high customer satisfaction. If you do not have an online presence, the chance of getting that satisfaction decreases noticeably. A website allows you to provide an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for your users which may answer the questions they have for you. A Contact Form or link to email will also potentially save you in terms of customer service, as it will theoretically decrease the number of lengthy phone calls or in-person discussions you have. A website also allows you to get information out to your Ft. Lauderdale customers, updating them on the latest offers, events, or content. If you have social media as well, which you should, you can get this message out even further and more quickly to your user base.

Wider Market

Over 3 billion people have access to and use the Internet every day, 90% of the US alone has access to it. It doesn’t matter where you are located in the country or the world, a website allows everyone who has access to the Internet to have access to your business. Immediately, your potential level of outreach to potential Ft. Lauderdale customers, clients, or users is exponentially higher than any other method of advertising will ever be. Once you have a website you can then begin to target your Ft. Lauderdale market more specifically through SEO and other methods, either way, your website will be seen by potentially thousands of people. That level of influence should not be passed up on.


When people look at websites they want to be given information in an engaging fashion. Whether you’re doing freelance work, or are a Ft. Lauderdale small business, a website is the perfect place to showcase what you have to offer. Use it as an online brochure of sorts, providing all of the necessary information about you and what you do. You can have a portfolio or gallery alongside testimonials and show what you have to offer to the world. People are much more likely to engage with you if they can see your work or your product, especially if they are impressed by what they see.

Saves Time and Money

While creating a fully professional website may be an expensive up front cost, in the long run, a website will help save you time and money. Providing all of the necessary information to your users online will save you from needing to use the time to do it over the phone or face-to-face or via advertising campaigns. Time is money, so, you’ll be saving there, but you’ll also be saving money by broadening your Ft. Lauderdale market and potentially bringing in larger profits. You also get the benefit of cheap running costs as in most instances all you need to pay for is the hosting of the website (the server which allows it to run) which can vary from as little as $5.49 a month to about thousands of dollars a year for the highest calibre of hosting depending on the size of the website and the domain name which can be as cheap as 99c a year. There are numerous website building sites like WordPress, the CMS system we use due to its open source content management and worldwide support and respect, that will allow you to host and run your website completely for free with further options available for a fee. However, if you want the most professional Ft. Lauderdale website you can get, paying the small price of the hosting and domain name each year is preferable. If you worked with Eskimo Designs on your website, we would help guide you through all of these areas so there is no need to worry.

Ways To Get Started

Contact us and we will help you with everything related to your website. If you don’t have the funds to build a fully professional website, we highly recommend signing up to social media and blogging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Blogger as they provide an excellent alternative to a full site.

If, however, you want a professional Ft. Lauderdale website designed for you, Eskimo Designs are experts in website creation and would love to help you start your digital journey. We do everything from design to coding to SEO and have been in the Ft. Lauderdale web design and digital marketing business for over a decade so we know exactly how the online space works. We also have one of the best aftercare services in the business and will let you know of any new trends or tools that may be useful to you. For more information either check out our Web Design Services or get in touch with us!

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