What is Website Success Podcast?

Why did we create a Podcast?

Based on our experience creating websites, we noticed most of our customers don't know the great potential having a website has. Most of our customers use it as a place to send their potential clients to look at their projects, or show the products they sell and basically show some professionalism.

A website can help for all those objectives, but that is 1% of what a website can do for your business. We want to teach you you don't need to be a super experienced developer to learn some tips and trick that will take your business to the next level. From attracting new clients to expanding strong to other locations or niches, a website can be your biggest ally.

We will teach how to leverage multi-platform content to expand your reach on the web. If you are starting there are free resources you can use to boost your placement online such as: blogs, videos, pictures... and if you are not starting but you are stuck and you see your competitors growing we have various tips for you succeed.

Another question we get frequently is the platform you build your website matters. Here we will teach you tips that are general and can be applied to any platform or if your website is coded. However, in some episodes we will give tips and tricks for specific platforms, so be attentive!

So now you may be wondering, who are you?

We are Eskimo Designs, a group of designers and developers that build from websites to complex software. We are located in Miami and we are here to help you. We will share with you our experience, we will give you the do's and the dont's. We will give you an insight on the tools professionals use that you can use as well.We would love to hear you and know what you would like to hear, and what topics or questions you would like us to talk about.

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