What Makes a Good Restaurant Logo?

A logo is the face of your restaurant and it will be the image customers have in their minds. A restaurant logo needs to be inviting and interesting, as it is many times the first impression your customers will have of your restaurant. A logo has many components that come into play. A logo needs to be well designed, but it doesnt mean just beautiful it means it has to work for what is intended.

As we mentioned a logo can not only be "cool". A logo needs to be designed specifically for your audience and industry. The color plays an important role on the industry. And although there are no set rules you are more likely to identify a healthy restaurant for a logo that has green rather than red. Color is one of the most important factors during logo design for restaurants. So you want to keep in mind that it not only has to look cool but that it needs to portray what your restaurant is about.

A great logo is memorable. If you on the street and you ask people about the Mc Donalds logo you will find that people can describe to you the yellow M with the red background 100% of the times. Now if you ask around about that restaurant on 10th and Biscayne's name is most likely because neither the name was memorable and there is even less chances that you will be able to remember their restaurant logo. Remember there is not one specific style, icon or image that is the magical key to the perfect logo. You don't want to use or copy some memorable restaurants logo ideas. Your audience will automatically will identify you by the restaurant that copied the logo, and chances are that you will get in trouble. Always have a professional designer make your logo from scratch, to make sure it is unique.

Logos for restaurant now a days do not use tag-lines. You can definitely have a tag line like mc Donalds with the I love it. But is never used on the logo of outside the restaurant. On the other hand, restaurants use the logo and an I con to represent their brand for example Mc Donalds uses the "M" to represent the entire logo with an icon.

Icons are more versatile and can be used for a large amount of occasions. Some times for swag, contests or small items, is better that you use an icon instead of the entire logo so that your restaurant logo becomes more readable. This is specially truth for large name logos. For example Starbucks. Starbucks does not always use the entire name in the face of the cup. They show the icon of the mermaid. Which makes it more easy to understand for the customers walking on the street.

Color is one of the most important things to consider when creating a logo. We always recommend you to hire a company that will do an industry and audience research. The color of the logo can easily indicate the customer what type of restaurant it is. For example if you have a green logo it will siggest your restaurant is a healty place rather than a steak house. If your restaurant logo is very colorful it will most likely indicate that you are a dessert place rather than an upscale restaurant.

The font you use for your restaurant logo will determine your business personality. you can use a cursive font to represent elegance or you can use a crafty font to suggest creativity. These decisions are made by your designer based on an industry and brand research. If your logo designer is not researching about your brand, tun away.

Your restaurant logo is the first thing your audience will see before tasting your food. You need to understand this decision can make or break your business. Do not use a logo maker because this designs are reused by millions of people and they are not unique. The logo makers are not making any research on your brand or what makes it unique.

If you need help with a logo contact Eskimo Designs. We are professional logo designers. We are committed to see your restaurant succeed and stand out for what makes it unique.

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