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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Your business website can attract visitors from pretty much anywhere in the world. As long as people have an Internet connection, they can visit your site.

Depending on the nature of your business and where you ship things, they may also be able to buy something from you.

In a global economy, it's important to make your website attractive to general visitors. Regardless of their location, they should find your site navigable and clear.

However, even though it's important to make your site generally attractive, you should always keep your target audience in mind. You should prioritize their tastes, preferences, and needs when designing your site.

For Barbados business websites, this means taking extra care to appeal to your target customers in Barbados. You should make your website designer choices while considering their professionalism, their own website and their interest of your business.

Language: If you hire writers from overseas to create content for your website and blog, make sure they're writing with Barbados spelling, vocabulary, and grammatical construction. This is an important step towards helping your Barbados customers feel more at home when they're visiting your website.

A Barbados domain: Instead of having your site simply end in .com, use a .com.bb to convey that it's specifically Bajans. You can own both domains, and redirect visitors who type in .com to the .com.bb address. The .com.bb is what Bajans will be most familiar with, and it may make your site perform better on Internet searches specific to Barbados.

Appropriate images: The images you choose for your website convey important messages about your Barbados business. They communicate the quality of your products and services and give site visitors an impression of your personality and values. It's important to choose images that resonate with Barbados customers.

Think twice about using images that weren't shot in Barbados or that depict scenes that wouldn't be familiar to Bajanas. Images specific to Barbados help strengthen the connection you have with your customers. You're demonstrating that you share common ground with them.

Local references: If you're operating within a certain region of Barbados, refer to local events, culture, and other appropriate topics. People searching online for businesses in your area will be more likely to find you if your website content communicates your location in a variety of ways.

Social media Management: Barbados businesses need social media presence. Large quantity of Bajans use Facebook, Twitter, and other major platforms. How should this impact your website design?

Make sure site visitors can easily follow you on social media and share your website content across different platforms. You should also promote your site across various social media platforms, and ensure that it appears attractive on any site. For example, beautiful images will help make your content stand out on sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

High-quality design: Digitally savvy Bajans expect modern, responsive sites that look attractive and function properly across different computing devices. Your site must look professional. This is what Bajans have come to expect from businesses.

What are the benefits of an engaging and successful Barbados website? Barbados customers will have a stronger tendency to trust you. They'll sense that you understand them and their needs. They'll also have an easier time finding you when they search for Barbados businesses in your industry and geographic area.

Please contact us for assistance with designing a website that will appeal to Barbados . The look and content of your site should make your Barbados customers feel like they're at home.

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