Why is it important to have a good website hosting in Miami?

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Today we want to talk about something very important for web sites in miami, hosting and why it is important to have a good hosting or web hosting. But first we are going to answer some questions that, if you have come here, you may be wondering, for example, what is Hosting. What is hosting? Hosting is the space where your web page is hosted and that makes it visible on the Internet. For this you need all or part of the resources of a web server. To explain it in a colloquial way is, let's say, your small real state on the Internet. Why is it important to have a good hosting or web hosting? Today you will find plenty of companies in miami that promise a lot of things about web hosting even at a super cheap price ... But like everything in life, cheap, it is expensive. Good web hosting is essential for your miami business website design or your personal blog. It will depend on the necessary speed so that when a user visits it, he will do it comfortably and quickly, in addition to helping the natural positioning of your page in search engines, SEO. What features have to have, at least, a good hosting or web hosting? That is located in the optimal place for your company, if your business is located in Miami, that your server is also.

That you load the website quickly, for this it is important that you have good resources (speed and memory) and in cheap hosting it does not happen: your website is next to thousands of other clients and resources are very limited. In our accommodation we always ensure that there are few miami customers on the same machine, so that their miami websites have more resources and are shown faster. That has enough space to upload everything your website needs: images, modules or plugins that extend functionalities, ... That it has backup copies and you can recover, in case of failure, your page or emails in a short time. Also if in your case what you are looking for hosting for an online store, you will have to take into account other factors such as: Database SSL certificate security (the green padlock) Make daily backups Email to be able to make sales notifications Support to the most extended sales platforms: WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento ... etc

Recently we worked on the optimization of a miami website design, and the first thing we did was the change of server to our provider. With this the page not only gained in loading speed for the user, but also rose in Google's search positions for the services it offers. In just a few months, its website saw its usability, speed and visibility improved, and that, just like the street influences the location of your business, so does the Internet.

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