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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

As a Miami videographer your website is really important! It’s not one of these things that can wait. You must have a professional website if you want to be taken seriously, if you want to differentiate yourself, if you want to attract a specific type of client, and especially if you want to charge a higher fee for your services.

A website should be the first thing you do when it comes to getting you and your business out there, in Miami there is a lot of competition and you have to have a website that competes with the best videographers to be considered one of the best.

1. You need an online presence that you can control

Can you sell with just a social media presence? It’s certainly possible, especially if you’re working as a videographer part-time. But if you want videography to be your full time job and if you want to make a good living from it which increases year on year, then building your reputation solely using social media you do not control is not the best idea.

You’re depend of social media platforms that could close your account for no apparent reason, change the rules or drastically restrict how you reach your audience overnight.

Not only that – they own your content and control how and where it’s displayed and for how long. Your content is your gold. When you have your own website it’s up to you how you map out that content and how you want your visitor to journey through it.

Very important for SEO, people can link to it rather than being buried within minutes on someone’s crowded newsfeed.

2. Your website gives you credibility and professionalism

Giving your potential clients your website address immediately makes you more professional than all free lancers in Miami. A potential client looking for a videographer will view your competitors as far more professional than you if they have a website and you do not. Make sure you hire a professional website designer to help you with your website. You can expect to spend $1,000 and up for a professional website.

Have you ever looked for a business online only to find that they don’t have a website? I know I have. And the minute I couldn’t find them – that trust I want to feel is diminished.

If a business owner can’t be bothered have something as important as their website then do I really want to trust them with my hard-earned cash?

3. Your website will filter your clients

You have a great opportunity with your website to craft a wonderful experience for your dream client.

Answer every question they might have with web pages or blog articles, tell them stories, allow them to get to know you, entertain them, educate them, serve them. Bring your ideal client closer and closer and closer with content they can reference. Make sure to consult with your miami website designer for ideas to give a great experience to your audience.

Your website design, look and even if you already have your pricing will filter the audience for you. If your price point is high and there are people looking to hire videographers for $12/hr you will save the 30 mins on the phone trying to sell your service to an audience that was never prepared to buy from you. Your website gives you a great opportunity to make it clear that you are not the right videographer for them. That’s a good thing!

4. Your website helps you build an email list

Email is still one of the very best ways to market your videography business. But that’s only true if you know how to serve your email subscribers instead of sending them boring newsletters every month.

Your website is what’s going to build your email list for you. You can offer great opt-ins such as Guides or checklists to your ideal clients in return for their email address. So you can keep in touch with those who’ve been interested enough in you to visit your website and sign up for your emails.

All this emails can translate into clients. You have to make sure you always provide value to your audience as it is very easy for them to unsubscribe. Don't be spamy and send a 1,000 emails a week. If you think the majority of your audience may not be interested in that content, do not send it.

5. Your website gives you an easy place to send potential Miami clients

If you’re talking to a potentially perfect client how are you going to make sure that they can look you up quickly and easily?

Are you going to give them a business card with that long link to your Facebook page? How professional do you think that looks to them?

What if you don’t have any cards on you? Don’t you want a nice, easy to remember link to give them?

Not just you though, your past clients and your friends and family and acquaintances all need something to refer you with! Make it easy for them by making sure you have a website they can send people to and help you!

6. Your website will help you make money

Lastly but very importantly, your website might cost you a little money to get up and running but it will pay for itself a hundred times over .

Videographers with good websites tend to command a much higher fee than photographers without. This is not just because they appear far more professional and credible. They are also much better equipped to attract those dream clients who value videography by showcasing their work and service at their website.

If you are looking for an website designer do not hesitate to contact us.

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